Deer Heart

Preparing for the Harvest

"Buck Fever" is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Learn methods and drills to practice to help anticipate and ward off "Buck Fever". Humane harvesting is beyond important not only for the quality of the meat, but the quality of your, and the animals experience.

Tradition & Conservation

Begin your own hunting traditions. Learn how to bring home dinner and pass the skills on to your family and friends.

We all want to give back. Discover how every hunter contributes directly to conservation through the purchase of licenses and tags. Wildlife management and conservation are integral parts of hunting.

buck deer
The Hunt

Understand what it takes to put yourself in the right position for success. Discover different styles and methods to obtain your quarry.

California Buck

Prepare yourself for the harvest and beyond. From pulling the trigger to meat in the cooler learn ethical and subsistence minded harvest practices.

Venison Backstrap Butcher

Keep things simple or create gourmet preparations with your venison. You will understand how each cut should be processed from a quarter of venison on the counter to a plate of food on your dinner table.

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Dinner Time!

Enjoy the complete experience of harvesting your own wild game meats. Bring home healthy hard earned meals that the whole family will crave.

Venison Steak