Quail Hunting

Fun, Exciting & Ethical

Elevate your outdoors experiences with the time honored recreation tradition of hunting. Discover how to safely and effectively diversify your outdoors activities with Eyeguard Outdoors.

Getting Your Feet Wet

Learn what it takes to get out there and have your own unique wilderness experiences. Observe and interact with nature from a completely different perspective. We are not only hunters, but conservationists at heart. Understand how your actions effect nature and how every hunter annually contributes to conservation.

Hollow Point Bullet
Weapon Selection

Explore differences in different weapons. From rifle to shotgun and caliber to shot#. Understand the proper applications for different weapon types and ammunition.

Hot Tent
The Right Stuff

Ensure you embark on your hunt with the right equipment. Figure out what gear you need to have an enjoyable time during your hunt.

Duck Hunting
Gear & Camo

Learn about gear and camouflage from several perspectives. Understand different theories and reasons behind selecting various gear and camouflage options.

Example Curriculum

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Fun For the Whole Family

Hunting is deeply seated in tradition and can be some of the most memorable moments you share with family. Understand how to get the whole family involved in a way that is fun and memorable for everyone.

Kids Duck Hunting